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Enchanted Doll Painting

Apr 20

Awhile ago I wrote a post marvelling over the work of Marina Bychkova, an amazing doll maker who creates delicate and lifelike dolls in perfect detail. For those in the Berlin area, Marina will be having a show, June 11th, with Wendy Froud, another of my favorite doll makers, and Virginie Ropars. Poster Here.

Feeling greatly inspired by her work I painted this watercolour of one of her dolls a little awhile ago. I thought i’d share it now.

Corinna Jasmine, Enchanted Doll Fan Art

Corinna Jasmine, Enchanted Doll Art

By the Seashore

Apr 19

Spring has been slow to come to rainy Vancouver, but the sun has been shinning a bit more brightly as of late.  The air is fragrant with the smell of sweet flowers and freshly cut grass while petals of the cherry trees carpet the ground with pink.  In these times I think of breezy spring dresses, barefeet and long afternoons by the seashore. The following are things inspired by the sea.

1. Sea Creature Tea Set. From Anthropologie. $22-$88 CAD.

2. Photography from Lenaah’s Photostream.

3. From the Deep Octopus Salad plate. From Anthropologie. $16.00 CAD.

4. Beautiful Sterling Silver Jewelry and Charms from Karenjess.

Benjamin Lacombe

Mar 25

A little over a year ago now, I came across the work of the talented young artist Benjamin Lacombe. A graduate from the École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs in Paris, Benjamin’s initial interest was of illustrating comics before going on to illustrate and publish numerous children’s books.
His artwork brings to mind the pop-surrealist style, an art movement such artists as Mark Ryden have brought into maintstream culture. Colourful and child-like while evoking a darker, macabre subtext, Benjamin’s beautiful illustrations show a skill and sensitivity to detail far beyond his years.

When I saw he had published a flamenco inspired book  ‘La Mélodie des Tuyaux’, I knew I had found the perfect gift for my sister, Kara, who is an artist and professional flamenco dancer.  The book is gorgeously illustrated and the colours and mood of the book are fantastic. It even comes with it’s own musical CD. I also had to treat myself to getting ‘La Petite Socière’ which I love reading – and has been great help in improving my French ^-^
Below are a few pictures of ‘La Melodie des Tuyaux‘ with my sister Kara.

Visit Benjamin’s Website here

Visit Benjamin’s Blog here

Benjamin’s books are available to purchase at Lamarelle as well as at Amazon.

Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009

Aug 26

Fashion week is finally upon us and I am eagerly awaiting the creations of many of my favourite designers. This will be the first season I will be able to attend and participate in London Fashion week and will be working behind the scenes with Louise Amstrup, Can’t wait! Here is the Spring/Summer 2009Fashion week line-up, click on the links for more information.

Berlin July 17-20
Miami July 18-21
Tokyo September 01- 07
Barcelona September 03 – 05
New York September 05 – 12
London September 14 – 19
Milan September 20 – 27
Vancouver September 22 – 26
Paris September 27 – October 05
Los Angeles October 12 – 16
Athens October 15 – 19
New Delhi October 15- 19
Toronto October 20- 2
Moscow October 21- November 04

More info to come 


Jul 08

So.. My blog is finally up! Special thanks to my husband Hans-Christian for all his work with the blogs back-end programming he is the sweetest man and a genius 🙂  Please forgive all the empty links I will be adding lots of posts soon and updating. Also thanks for all those who have been patiently waiting for the site to go up I hope it doesn’t disappoint.  ~ Cori ^_^

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