Fashion Illustrators

Sep 04

fashionillustrators copy

1. Irene Maria Jacobs – Amazing illustrator from the Netherlands.
2. Richard Gray – One of the greats, stylistic and detailed. Some of his illustrations are reminiscent of another favourite illustrator of mine, Aubrey Beardsley.
3. Sophie Leblanc – French artist with a very cute and colourful style.
4.Adam Lowe – beautiful and delicate illustrations, adam lowe is a master at line and knowing when to leave an illustration unfinished for more impact.
5. Danny Roberts – amazing and young artist who has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent months working for big names such as Gwen Stephani. I am in love with his style and wonky lines.


Laura Laine – Gothic and beautiful, Laura Laine draws inspiring creations in black and white. Edward Gorey anyone?


Cecilia Carlstedt – Her work speaks for itself. Clever and beautiful.


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